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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  January 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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temperatures staying only in the lower 30s for much of the morning and temperatures topping out in the upper 30s. gray day. we'll see cloudy skies. right now around town, 34 in manassas. 29 in la plata. 36 in downtown. lower 30s for frederick. it looks like we'll see temperatures be cold today again, morning sleet and some freezing rain overnight into the early saturday morning hours. the roads will get slick for a lot of places. so, please be careful saturday around 40 degrees. here's monika with your traffic. >> good morning, good morning, everyone. we'll start off with a live look from sky 9 on the southbound side of 270 at i-370 here. you can see a bit of volume but really no big deal early this friday morning. things are looking great from frederick down to the point where the lanes divide. over to the maps, the beltway is fine around town. incident-free. we're looking good. we'll zoom into the west side of town and first of all, show what you it looks like on 66 and the dulles toll road,
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everything is fine. on the trains, metro, marc, vre, everything is running on time. tonight from 10:00 p.m. through sunday between bethesda and grover in, the red line will be closed, they'll use buses to get you through that area. now, let's take you outside live on the northbound side or inbound side of i-66. coming in from the west, no problems to report, a bit slow from manassas into centreville. you're fine at the roosevelt bridge. we're fine coming up from newington to the beltway. coming up in my next report, we'll go into maryland at 6:12. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. >> from local ticks to national, tomorrow is the south carolina primary. the help can hopefuls held a debate. newt gingrich is trying to position himself as the conservative alternative to mitt romney. the two got into an exchange over abortion. >> after he became pro-life, romney care does pay for tax paid abortions. romney care has written into it
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planned parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the country by name. >> i am a pro-life individual. i have to be honest here. it is -- this is not the time to be doubting people's words or questioning their integrity. >> the latest polls in south carolina show gingrich closing in on romney for the lead. president obama hit the campaign trail last night. he held a fund-raiser at the apollo theatre in new york city. he defended proposals for raising taxes on the rich by saying that money was needed to invest in job training, education and internet access. >> if we are going to do all of that, without leaving a mountain of debt for our kids, while still maintaining the strongest military on earth, while still making sure that social security and medicare are there for future generations and our seniors are protected -- [ applause ] --
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then all of us have to do our part! >> the apollo theatre event was one of four fund raisers for the president last night in york/?txu. >> one year from today, someone will be inaugurated as president of the united states. what will happen between now and then, let's get some perspective from edward wyckoff williams, a political analyst. thank you very much for being here with us. inauguration day will be a sunday but the public ceremony will be that monday. let's look at the candidates last night. who won the debate? >> newt gingrich clearly won the debate. he's not only closing in on romney's lead. he's actually showing to lead romney some some polls. the public policy polling shows him in the lead. what was interesting about last night was the fact that gingrich is not allowing the news about his ex wife coming out to stick to him. he's getting rupturous applauses from the republicans that we saw that happen in the fox news debate earlier this
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week on martin luther king day where he sort of pushed back on ron williams with respect to comments he had made about race and poverty. and what's interesting -- what's sad i think about our political discourse now is that someone like newt gingrich actually resonates with debates but that means he has a really good chance of doing well in the primaries because it is the die-hard republicans voting in the primary. >> it wasn't a good day for mitt romney anyhow. he did not win the iowa caucus. and again, as you say, the numbers are closing the gap between romney and gingrich, closing in the south carolina primary. why isn't mitt romney resonating with these voters? >> you know, i think particularly in south carolina, his religion does play an issue. there are a lot of very conservative, very christian- minded people in south carolina who don't want to see a mormon in office. so, i think that's his
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achilles' heel and something he'll have to deal with. but the news that came out that santorum actually won has really unsettled the romney campaign. it is going to take some real effort for them to come back from this. >> are they already making different inroads in florida, approaches to the campaign? that's coming up on january 31st. >> that's certainly going down on the ground. i think what will be telling is gingrich pulls this off. that will mean we've got one primary being won by santorum. one primary being won by romney and another by gingrich. this might go all the way to the end. we might see a battle like we saw in 2008 with hillary clinton and barack obama. >> it will be interesting. you will be watching. we hope to have you back. edward wyckoff williams, thank you. >> a pleasure. >> let's go to mike. >> thanks, andrea. the scandal that brought down harry thomas jr. has left an opening on the council. now, there is a long line of people who want to fill the seat. we're still four months from
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the election. delia gonsalves is live outside the wilson building to tell us who is jumping in so far. wow, there is a lot, delia. >> reporter: just about everyone in the ward jumping into this race. 20 people as far as we know are all fighting for this job here at the wilson building. including some anc commissioners i've spoken to. some party leaders, even some political newcomers. one of them, kenyon mcduffy, a long-time civil rights advocate. he jumped the gun, filed his paperwork early and went to the board of elections yesterday. candidates need at least 500 signatures to be in the special election ballot to replace disgraced former council member harry thomas jr. who pled guilty to stealing city money for his own personal gain. he's likely to spend two to three years behind bars coincidentally, that's just about as long as the remainder of his term. whoever wins the special election will likely be in the council seat until 2014. they must unite to this now
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divided ward. >> the date of the special election for ward five that is open to all voters regardless of political party who are registered to vote in ward five. >> is unity possible in the short time span we have before the next election? >> definitely not. >> but you know, the thing is this. it is going to be a step by step process. right now, where we currently are is everybody is jockeying for their position to see how they can get this particular seat. in order to be in control. >> that's debbie steiner, a long-time community activist in ward five. a former anc commissioner herself. we sat down yesterday at a cafe in the area and talked a bit more about her goals for the ward. as she said, very divided at this point. but hoping to move on and beyond this corruption scandal. we'll have more from her coming up in a half an hour. mike? >> thanks, delia. delia gonsalves live outside
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the wilson building this morning. >> well, the idea of legalizing pot and making money off it is being kicked around in the virginia state delegates -- by its virginia state delegates. members of the virginia house and senate would work with experts to determine how much money could possibly be made. delegate dade inglin suggests marijuana could be sold at marijuana abc stores. there are supporters of the study but they're not willing to talk. those opposed to the idea were quite vocal. >> i think david inglin is so intent on raising your taxes, he's willing to go into the marijuana distribution to do it. >> very poor idea. how many people do you see running around saying the best thing that happened to me is when i started smoking marijuana. >> legislation for the study if approved, the findings would be presented sometime in 2013. montgomery county council wants you to imagine riding express buses between shady grove and clarksburg. the county council committee
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now supports a bus rapid transit system in the northern part of the county. that reverses the decision from three years ago which supported light rail instead. the big issue is money. the full council will take up the plan next tuesday. >> a third lane could be coming to 270 in frederick county without really adding a labor at all. a -- a new lane at all. it would let drivers use the shoulder during rush hour from frederick to clarksburg. that part of the highway with two lanes right now. this would be similar to the green arrow lanes already in place on 66 in virginia. our time is 9 after the hour. while you've heard of facebook, twitter and myspace but have you heard of pinterest? what you need to know about this fast-growing networking site. >> a wintry mix is moving in tonight. next, when it will start and how long it will last. keep it here.
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it is going to be a gray day today. we may see some peeks of sun in the morning but then clouds are on the increase once again for cloudy skies, temperatures only in the upper 30s by late this afternoon. here's monika with your traffic. >> we're taking a live look at the springfield interchange. a disabled vehicle on the ramp from the inner loop to southbound i-95 causing delays coming up from van dorn trying to get on to southbound 95. more on virginia roadways and
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an accident at 6:18. mike and andrea? >> as if facebook, twitter and google plus weren't enough, now there is p interest. its focus is on images instead of words. >> it is a new site and apparently it is really starting to take off. >> never heard of it. >> karen shows us. >> beth is a designer by trade. visual by nature. >> economy across an image on a style blog and i want to capture it and remember it. i'm always going back and referring to books that i store. >> that interest for imagery is one reason why pinterest caught her eye. >> it has allowed me to connect with friends through more of an artistic side versus just what's going on in our lives. >> pinterest launched in 2010 but only recently exploded in traffic and online buzz. the premise is similar to the old corkboard. users create virtual collections of stuff they like by uploading pins, various
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images from around the web. >> like twitter, there are followers. like facebook, users can like images or repin someone else's item on their own board. unlike other social networking sites, it is more about cureating content than creator and what users see than say. >> there is an idea to collaborate about different ideas and concepts. there may be a stickiness that may be a little bit different. >> pinterest has become particularly popular for women sharing fashion and design ideas or wedding planning. pinterest is invitation only but users can request an invite or get one from a friend who has already pinned one down. >> hmm. >> they said that's a cute outfit. that was karen reporting there. when it comes to top social networking sites, facebook is the king by a long shot followed by youtube and twitter. pinterest did crack the top ten. >> yet another site to deal with. thank you again for being with
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us. it is 6:15. anny is here with the latest on our forecast. >> good morning, everyone. it is friday. bundle up. cold day today. kind of on the gray side. if you want to read a book or see a movie, don't make it too late. because we have some wintry weather coming this way late tonight. first, here is your michael & son weather camera. temperatures generally in the 30s around the beltway. right now, it is around 36 degrees in downtown. feels like 29 and mostly cloudy conditions. winds are out of the north. here is a look at the winter weather watch in effect starting tonight going through saturday morning where you see basically northwest of town, martinsburg, winchester, cumberland and petersburg, some winter weather including some snow, sleet and freezing rain. the immediate d.c. metro area also could be seeing that as well. this morning, as kids are heading to the bus stop, partly cloudy and cold. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. for the rest of today, may see
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some breaks of sun in the morning. increase in clouds throughout the afternoon. highs only in the upper 30s. it will be a gray and cold day. very typical for january. our satellite and radar picture showing us we did see some light snow showers go through north of us, mainly into philadelphia and into pennsylvania and upstate new york. right now, in the 30s in downtown. 23 in hagerstown. around the beltway, 33 in reston. great falls, also 33. rockville, 34 degrees. our future cast showing us all right, here we go. cloudy conditions for today. then late tonight, when we see the winter weather, the blue is the light snow and the pink is the wintry mix. we're talking sleet and some freezing rain. that will continue through the overnight hours, accumulations of ice maybe up to a quarter inch in some spots. here is a look at the ice potential. you can see the icy spots north of town around frederick, about .13 of an inch of ice. oakland, petersburg also under
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a winter storm warning. they'll see the bulk of it. around the d.c. area, the roads will get slick. the power lines could get coated in ice. the power outages not completely -- potential for that. cumberland's high, 33 with snow showers falling west of the divide. winchester, mid-30s. hagerstown, 35 degrees. d.c. going with upper 30s. andrews air force base, 38. annapolis around 39. here is your next seven days. wintry mix arriving late tonight. by 10:00, get off the roads if you can. saturday morning, the wintry mix changing over to some light rain. temperatures get up to the lower 40s. sunday also a chance for showers through monday. but monday and tuesday is milder. here is monika with your traffic. >> good morning, good morning, everybody. we'll take a live look first from sky 9 here at the american legion bridge. nice and light on the west side of town crossing the river between bethesda and tysons. you should be good to go at 6:17 in the morning. we'll go over to the map. a little bit of bad news in
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camp springs where an accident blocked southbound branch avenue right here at the beltway. this icon should be back up here and what i suggest is that you go ahead and use either st. barnabas road to the west or pennsylvania avenue to the east to try to get back over to the beltway southbound branch avenue here in camp springs is closed at the beltway. keep that in mind for your travel plans. we'll go over to the northbound side of i-95. you have delays beginning in lorton. pretty much continuous into springfield. also on the inner loop trying to get on to the ramp to southbound 95. a disabled vehicle has been there for awhile in the g on in springs at 6:25. mike and andrea? >> thank you, monika. coming up next, get live to baltimore. >> in charm city, they're preparing for sunday's afc title game. find out why redskins fans should root for our friends in baltimore. >> right now though, root for yourself. join the 9news now great tablet give away sweepstakes and win a kindle fire. like us on facebook. the address is
6:19 am >> if you already like us on facebook, all you have to do is click on the give away tab. start there on the left side of the page to enter and you have until january 31st to enter. >> two lucky winners will be selected at random. each will win a brand new kindle fire tablet. you need to be at least 18 years told enter. >> if you're our facebook friend, you get first crack on our question of the morning. today's question is 60% of americans have this in common. is it a, they lose their wedding rings. b, their underwear doesn't fit or c, they repeatedly forget their e-mail password. >> our facebook friend barbara says c, the e-mail it. if i go on vacation, i usually forget it. >> keep the guesses coming. we'll reveal the answer at 6:53.
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of this terrible disease. we can do this. we can all do this together. we can do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee, because everyone deserves a lifetime. good morning. 6:22. it is friday and it is cold out there! temperatures are in the 30s and it is going to be a gray day with some wintry weather
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arriving late tonight. here's a look at your day planner forecast. for your friday. temperatures in the mid-30s by 9:00. we may see some breaks of sun. generally, it will be a cloudy day by noon, only in the lower 30s. by late this afternoon, highs topping out in the upper 30s. it won't be windy. no major wind chill to deal with. currently, mostly cloudy. temperatures 36. freezing rain, sleet, all arriving late tonight and overnight. here is andrea and mike. >> ok. >> it is championship weekend. >> we're hoping to get you connected to charm city but while we're making that connection, we want to tell you jessica doyle is off today but we are still watching your money. forget the nickel bag tax in the county. two virginia lawmakers are talking about a 20 cent bag tax in the commonwealth. delegates sorvel ait would cut down on litter and pollution. they would be happy with just a 5 cent tax.
6:24 am
>> today, d.c. leaders will take up the issue of how to better regulate where food trucks can go. while your office might love the trucks, the restaurants aren't fans. the city will propose the zones within the city. >> then each neighborhood can decide how many food trucks it will allow and where they can go. >> kings dominion is hiring. the theme park in virginia needs 2500 workers for seasonal positions. they run the gamut from security to ride operators, to food services and performers. >> the park opens april 6th. you can apply at kings dominion's web site or go to and look under virginia news. we'll have stuff there. >> time now, 6:25. we're trying to fix the connection with baltimore so we can go live and talk about the game. >> monika has a quick check on our traffic. >> we'll take a look at a map in camp springs. an accident blocks branch avenue at the beltway. use either st. barnabas or pennsylvania avenue. more on that and other area roadways coming up in my next
6:25 am
report. stay with us.
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when you first find out you have breast cancer, you feel like you're in a nightmare. when i was diagnosed, i felt very out of control and a victim of the disease. (woman) helpless but never hopeless. (woman) this is something we can do. (man) we can walk. (woman) 60 miles. we can erase breast cancer. (woman) 60 miles in 3 days. i can do that, we can do this. we can do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee, because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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>> there are a lot of redskins fans wondering should we root for the ravens? is it the right thing to do? >> let's go live to charm city. ron from witness is live with -- ron with wjz is live with ravens fans. >> the ravens are going to smoke the patriots on sunday. >> that's not going to happen. >> i can tell you that right now. flacco is ready. bring your children in. we're taking care of business in fox borough, ok? >> all right. >> ron, tell us about this caravan behind you. >> this is the purple caravan.
6:29 am
ravens are doing it on the weekend. we have seven stops today. we're starting in baltimore city. we're going to be in -- the cheerleaders. hi, ladies, how you doing? they're going to howard county, anne arundel county, seven stops on the caravan today. as you can see, we have a lot of ravens fans here. how you doing, guys? we're getting ready. kelly, you feel excitement? >> yes, i do. i've been feeling the excitement for the past few weeks and it hasn't stopped and it is only getting more and more intense. >> mike is a patriots fan down in d.c. what do you have to say to him? >> i'm sorry, mike. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i want to bring lorie up here. lorie is one of the many baltimore fans who will be heading to gillette stadium in fox borough. let's show the sign. we did it in 2001. fest ivus for the rest of us.
6:30 am
>> tomorrow morning, 9:00. >> you're going with a bunch of friends. >> it will be fun. some people from my softball team, other people i don't know. it doesn't matter. we have one common goal, to bring this back to us. >> there we go. of course, fest vows from the seinfeld episode well-known. >> thank you. >> thank you. give me a prediction. >> 27-13, us. >> there you go, mike. >> take it to the bank. >> ron, before you take it to the bank, the question is should redskins fans trade in their burgundy and gold for this one game and put on the baltimore ravens. do you even want our support? >> well, they should get on the ravens bandwagon but having grown up and been in baltimore all my life, that's not happening. that's not happening. [ laughter ] >> it ain't happenin'. >> we're going to give you a ravens cheer down in d.c. the way it is done, let's go, ravens.
6:31 am
>> here we go, ravens! here we go, ravens, here we go! here we go, ravens, here we go! here we go! >> we've got the band. you're missing the band. >> ron, we wish them all safe travels to new england. we know it will be a long ride home. >> reporter: it is going to be a great game, mike and andrea. have a great weekend. remember, it is the nfl! on cbs! >> you got it! all right. we're all in agreement on that. have a great weekend. no matter which team you're rooting for, see the afc championship game. ron said it right here on channel 9. ravens and patriots meet sunday at 3:00. >> i can't wait. that will be the best. so what about the weather? weather around here is going to change dramatically. i think there is a chance of flurries on the field there, too. we'll check in.
6:32 am
anny is in for howard today. good morning, anny. >> i think for the game, we're not worried about some wintry weather. it is really more about some showers impacting the area for sunday afternoon. but in our area for today, we'll see cloudy skies and temperatures are a little chilly out here. we also have a winter storm watch in effect northwest of town, winchester, hagerstown starting tonight. and it goes through saturday afternoon. of primarily through saturday morning though, a lot of it should be done and over with but we're looking at the chance for some ice to accumulate not only in areas northwest of us but around the downtown d.c. area. but for today, no worry for ice just yet. it will be a cloudy day. temperatures only in the upper 30s by late this afternoon. then we'll see the potential for some wintry weather heading this way late tonight talking some snow showers, freezing rain and sleet. i think the roads will get slick. have the kids come in early tonight. don't stay out too late. 36 in downtown. 32 in gaithersburg.
6:33 am
down into the 20s for martinsburg and hagerstown. i've got your complete forecast. we'll time it out for you coming up later. first, here is monika with your traffic. >> good morning, anny. a live look from sky 9. here is the inbound side of the dulles toll road. no issues from herndon and reston. looking good on the dulles toll road. even on 66. we'll go to the maps now. the beltway, no big issues to report. we'll go to 270 coming out of frederick looking fine from i- 70 all the way down from the frederick area. we'll take a live look where the brake lights begin, they end at 121. as you can see, it breaks loose pretty much all the way down to where the lanes divide. i have some good news in camp springs. on the southbound side of branch avenue here. just outside the beltway, are you looking fine. that accident has been cleared here at allentown road. good to go both directions of route 5 branch avenue. coming up, another look around the area at 6:45.
6:34 am
andrea and mike? >> thank you, monika. a standoff in southeast d.c. which tied up part of potomac avenue is finally over. >> this is footage around potomac avenue and k streets. police had the entire block surrounded. this all started with a chase in virginia. at some point, the suspect bailed and ran into an apartment building here in the district and police tell us the suspect who was wanted on an outstanding warrant eventually gave up without incident. >> expect a bigger police presence around the clairemont elementary school this morning. that's in the alexandria section of fairfax county. parents and police are on the lookout for a man who's been approaching children. investigators say all five incidents happen within the past month. luckily, no children have been harmed. however, parents 9news spoke to at a meeting last night want this guy caught before something bad happens. >> just the fact that he's approaching kids is kind of -- scary. >> police are looking for a white or hispanic male in his
6:35 am
30s with a goatee driving a red pickup truck. ward five in the district includes fort totten, ivy city, trinidad and brentwood. right now, it doesn't have a city counselor since harry thomas jr. resigned. a lot of people are ready to run for the seat. a long list in fact. delia gonsalves is live outside the wilson building with that story. >> good morning, delia. >> a very long list indeed. 20 people including some commissioners and party leaders believe they can become the next ward five council member and walk into the wilson building after may 15th, a special election. the process to begin filing your paperwork begins this morning in just two hours. at the board of elections and it lasts until february 15th but one person already got a head start. kenyan mcduffy is his name. he filed his paperwork at the board of elections yesterday. hopefuls need to collect 500 signatures before getting on the ballot. many say the ward needs a
6:36 am
change after former council member harry thomas jr. admitted to stealing city money for personal gain. the thomas family though has been extremely influkessal in the board -- influential in the ward since harry thomas sr. held the council seat. the corruption conviction of his son is a huge blow and has divided the ward. one community activist is now calling for unity. >> we need serious leadership on all levels. we do need to have a vigil. we do need to have some type of way to bring the community together to say ok, this has happened. it is something that i know it is hurtful. but we can get beyond this. and we can really move on. >> reporter: the date to move on, may 15th. that's the date of the special election. now, even though there is no
6:37 am
official council member right now for ward five, constituents services is still being handled and transferred over to a chairman, kwame brown's office. so, if you live in ward five, you have questions that need to be answered, give that council number a call and kwame brown's office will answer it. mike, back to you. >> thank you, delia live outside the wilson building this morning. >> well, u.s. conference of mayors is meeting here in washington today and it will get started with the launch of a new group called mayors for freedom to marry. leaders of 70 cities will join together in their support of same-sex marriage. most of those mayors involved are democrats. the new poll out showing how marylanders feel about same- sex marriage pretty much split down the middle. 49% of voters support legalizing same-sex marriage. 47% are opposed according to gonzalez research. governor martin o'malley has made it a priority to get the marriage bill pass this year.
6:38 am
the report fell apart at the last minute. >> our time is 6:38. we have some talented perform performers here in our studio. you'll get to see them in action. >> it was a production of dreamgirls now showing at dominion stage in arlington. a sneak peek nine minutes away. >> anny hong says be prepared for a wintry mix turning into rain later in the weekend. highs will only be in the 30s. she has everything you need to know next. >> sounds like a great night to stay inside and watch channel 9. 8:00, catch a gifted man followed by csi new york...
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it is 6:42. friday morning. timesaver traffic this morning with a live look from sky 9 on the inner loop of beltway here at i-66. no normal slowdown as you head up north and into the tysons area, all of the lanes are
6:43 am
open. we'll take a live look as well northbound i-95, you're starting the brake lights in lorton. it will be continuous into springfield. break loose for a bit and then is slow again as you head through landmark until seminary road. we'll take a live look on the other side of town. no problems to report here. northbound on 95 in newington again going to slow down in lorton. 270 on the southbound side, you've got delays, 109 to 121, looking great into rockville. more on area roadways coming up next at 6:58. let's go to anny and andrea. >> no weather problems on the morning rush hour. none for the evening rush hour but late tonight, different story. >> i think the timing of this is actually the good thing. i'm glad it won't come in during the big morning or evening commute. for the rest of your friday, we're looking at a gray day. it is going to be cold. temperatures staying generally in the 30s. then we'll see some changes come late this evening. here's a look at your michael
6:44 am
& son weather camera where temperatures are in the 30s. mostly cloudy skies. 36 degrees at this hour. it does feel like 29. winds are out of the north at 9 miles per hour. we do have a winter storm watch in effect to the northwest of us. this includes towns around hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester, cumberland and petersburg. this starts late tonight and goes through tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow morning where we're expecting some snow showers and also some ice and then i think we'll see some freezing rain and sleet around the immediate d.c. metro area as well. our bus stop forecast, kids are heading to school this morning. partly cloudy and cold. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. not as cold compared to yesterday when we were in the teens and 20s. that's the improvement. this morning, temperatures in the mid-30s. by noon, mostly cloudy. we'll see the clouds increasing. very gray day. temperatures topping out in the upper 30s today. some places getting close to 40 degrees will be below average.
6:45 am
our satellite and radar picture picking up the snow showers up to the north of us into pennsylvania and upstate new york. right now, we're look at 36 degrees in downtown. 30 in gaithersburg. 30 in winchester. oakland a cold 10 degrees. pax river in the mid-30s. around the beltway, we're basically looking at 30s. low to mid-30s including rockville, bethesda at 34. here is the future cast. pay attention to this closely. so, this afternoon, we just got gray skies out there. the clouds will be thickening. late tonight, 11:00, i pause it. the blue is the light snow coming in. the purple kind of pink color you see here. this is the wintry mix including sleet and some freezing rain. you can see it is pretty widespread overnight. so, as your asleeping hopefully, this stuff will be building up. maybe in the icy conditions on the road. that continues through early tomorrow morning. then it changes over to rain in the afternoon. and then we'll see cloudy skies to finish off the weekend. the ice potential, now, here is a look at that. we're talking about the magenta
6:46 am
color basically up to a quarter inch of ice. we'll see higher amounts far northwest of us up toward cumberland and oakland but i think the power lines could be coated with ice and so power outages not out of the question. friday's high, 34. winchester, 37. around downtown, upper 30s. around 40 degrees in annapolis. here's your next seven days. that wintry mix is going to be overnight tonight. and early in the morning, so get off the roads late tonight and by tomorrow morning. just sleep in if you can. then wet through the weekend. milder for monday. mike, over to you. >> all right, thanks, anny. we have a special treat this morning. the hit movie "dreamgirls," jennifer hudson won the oscar for it. it is on stage at dominion. we have this morning ania neville with us and john michael de havilland. i practiced it in the break. i still messed it up. >> thanks for having us. >> this is a big challenge.
6:47 am
this is a very well-known musical. were there things you had to worry about as you prepared? >> finding the people, the talent. >> because it was a really strong performance by jennifer hudson. >> absolutely. >> we have song, dance, music. when people start to try to sample it, what are they saying so far? >> they love it. >> yeah, it is a story that i think people can relate to because it has heroes and heroins in it. >> everybody is familiar with the music. everybody is very familiar with the movie and the wonderful performance that jennifer hudson and that all-star cast put on. everybody is listening to it. >> so, now as you try to cast something like this, which i would imagine you said was a challenge, do you also try to find a way to put your starch on it? people say i have a chance to see it? >> i put my starch on it in terms of -- it is more about how one thing -- like power, fame, fortune can tear a family apart. so, it was more about that than
6:48 am
all of the spectacle and so i wanted to really make sure that the cast understood from the beginning that this was a family unit that gets torn apart and it gets back together. that it is not -- the fame and the fortune aren't worth it if you don't have your friends and your family. >> we're going to have a little sample of the performance in a moment. before we do because we know you're going to like this, people can get tickets where and it is playing until when? >> it plays until next saturday, the 28th. folks can get tickets online at if you get your tickets online, they're $18. at the door, they're $20. we have shows tonight, tomorrow on this sunday at 2:00. >> you have matinees, too. >> thursday, friday and saturday of next week as well. >> you guys give them the action queue and we'll take a listen. ♪what about what i need >> it is the best thing for the
6:49 am
group. ♪ what about what's best for me ♪ >> the dream can cross over. ♪ what about how i feel >> when we're famous, i'll write great things for you. do it for me. ♪ what about me ♪ what about me ♪ it's more than you ♪ it's more than me ♪ ♪ no matter what we are, we are a family ♪ this dream is for all of us ♪ this one
6:50 am
can be real ♪ you can't stop us now because of how you feel ♪ it's more than me ♪ ♪ whatever dreams we have, they're for the family ♪ we're not alone anymore now ♪ ♪ and our dreams are big enough for all of us to share ♪ you're not going anywhere ♪
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
good morning. 6:53 on your friday morning. grab a coat and the winter
6:54 am
accessories. going to a cold and gray day. temperatures will be in the mid- 30s. the fall, temperatures will fall a little bit through noon into the lower 30s. we'll top out in the upper 30s for today. right now, mostly cloudy and 36 degrees. andrea? >> thank you, anny. today is friday, january 20th. here is a check on the news before you go. a vigil thursday night for the abandoned newborn found sunday night in northeast washington. the little girl died. d.c. police say they're exhausting every lead to find the baby's mother. the washington monument could reopen as early as 2013 and big thanks goes to david rubenstein, the local businessman donated $7.5 million toward repairing the earthquake-damage to the landmark. that's half of the expected costs. maryland's tiana hawkins set a school record last night with 24 rebounds, the most ever for a lady terp in one game, breaking a record set in 1977. maryland beat wake forest 86-
6:55 am
58. >> time to reveal the answer to our question of the morning. 60% of americans have one of these things in common. a, they lose their wedding rings. b, their underwear doesn't fit or c, they repeatedly forget their e-mail password. >> well, the answer is b, the underwear just doesn't fit. >> come on! get some new drawers, will you people? >> some that fit. >> one more check on traffic and weather is next right here on 9news now. have i got a surprise for you!
6:56 am
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a mouthwatering combination of ingredients... i know you're gonna love. [ barks ] yes, it's beneful healthy fiesta. made with wholesome grains, real chicken, even accents of tomato and avocado. yeah! come on! [ barking ] gotta love the protein for muscles-- whoo-hoo! and omega-rich nutrition for that shiny coat. ever think healthy could taste so good? [ woman announcing ] beneful healthy fiesta. another healthful, flavorful beneful. one last check at your forecast here. all right, so we're going to be cloudy today. temperatures on the cool side. upper 30s. then late tonight by 11:00 p.m., overnight. we'll see the wintry mix. we're talking some snow mixed in with some sleet then freezing rain. so, we're talking icy, slick
6:59 am
conditions early tomorrow morning for sure. then that changes over to rain by the afternoon. temperatures in the lower 40s. teen drivers, get them home early. no late movie. here's monika with your traffic. >> that's good advice about the teen and young drivers. definitely stay off the roads tonight. here's what it looks like on route 28 near i-66 south of us for an accident in centreville. we're going to take you over to a graphic as well. branch avenue south of the beltway. there has been be an accident. watch out for the remaining police activity here. >> "cbs this morning" is next. they'll talk with two of newt gingrich's daughters about the scandalous revelations about his second marriage. jim demint with his preview of the primary tomorrow. >> stay on top of the forecast all weekend long on or download our free weather app for your smart phone. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> we'll see you


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